Processing Licensing

A Processing License enables the holder to extract cannabis flower to create oils, tinctures, topicals, edibles or infused beverages and various other forms of concentrates. Processors will be permitted to sell their product to other license holders, analytical testers, provincial dispensaries etc. 

Micro Processors are permitted to process a maximum of 600 kg of dried cannabis per year, unless the licensee also holds a Micro Cultivation license for the same site, then the maximum amount does not apply. 

Standard processors do not have a limit on the amount of cannabis they can process, however all cannabis production, packaging and testing must be conducted indoors as per Health Canada regulations. 

It is important to note that a micro-processing license is only granted once your facility is completely built and ready to operate, and Health Canada has fully reviewed your application. We will make sure your application process has followed every step successfully, so you can start your operation without delay.

Many see it beneficial to hold both a cultivation and a processing license to grow their brand and reach a vast market of consumers, as a single site may house both licenses. Approval from Health Canada lies in the quality of your application and 420 Consulting has experience in producing every aspect of a proper application. From floor plan design, to Standard Operating Procedures, to Good Production Practices, let us ensure a quality application and a quality facility that enables you to be licensed quickly and start growing your budding business. 

Interested in starting a processing facility? Contact us below to see how we can get your business growing!