Micro Cultivation Licensing

Micro-Cultivation differs from standard cultivation in several ways. Micro-Cultivation licenses allow for growers to produce on a much smaller scale than a standard cultivation license allows. Micro cultivation licensing permits a maximum canopy space of 200m² (or 2,150 ft²), this allows for small business owners to cultivate cannabis and sell to licensed third parties at a fraction of the cost. The small-scale production also means fewer compliance's to abide by, smaller application fees, and less associated costs in getting the facility up and running.

There are several steps involved in obtaining a cultivation license, the biggest hurdle many clients have is acquiring funding and attaining land that is zoned for cannabis production. 

We are here to help you over these barriers, we can aid in finding funding or providing information on areas near you that allow for cannabis production. Alternatively, we can provide you with a lease on one of our properly zoned micro complex units. Once funding and appropriate land have been acquired, we can begin putting your application together.

The documents required to obtain your licensing consist of professionally drafted floor plans, building and land surveys, organizational security plans, physical security, functional and well written Standard Operating Procedures, good production practices and security clearances. All documents submitted must adhere to the applicable regulations deemed in The Cannabis Act, labour code etc.
Micro-cultivating requires an extensive licensing process with Health Canada. As a producer, you control how you choose to grow, and we will support you by seeing that your systems and procedures adhere to legal licensing practises.

Interested in starting a Micro Cultivation Facility? Contact us below and let's see how we can get your business growing!