Licensing FAQ

What Do I Need to Get Started?

Ready to start down the road to cultivation? Make sure the following are in order before you start to make the process as smooth as possible:

  • Be in good standing with the CRA.
  • The land you have is properly zoned for cultivation (420 Consulting can help you with leasing options if finding a space is inhibiting you.)
  • Have a Master Grower ready who you can trust and is able to be security cleared.
Can I Have More Than One Type of Micro License in the Same Facility?

Micro-cultivation and processing licenses can be housed in the same facility, though nursery's need to be a separate building. We recommend incorporating a separate business entity to operate your nursery license, differing from the corporation holding your processing and cultivation licenses. Standard and micro licenses cannot be combined.

Can a Criminal Record Affect the Application Process

Currently, if you have a drug related charge on your criminal record within the past 10 years, are affiliated with organized crime, or are not in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency, you cannot obtain any kind of cannabis related license.

How Many Plants / Lights Can I Have in My Mirco Facility?

You can have as many plants and lights in your micro cultivation facility as what can fit under the allotted canopy space. This number varies drastically depending on your light choice, and specific grow methods.

Why Choose Micro Licensing Over Standard Licensing?

Micro licenses are more economic in regard to start up and operational costs, and environmentally inclined. Further, you can produce a craft product that is more tailored to your specific target market.

How Many Micro Cultivation, Processing, or Licensing Applications Can One Person or Company Own?

Currently, one person or company can own up to 8 cannabis related licenses.

How Long is the Process Start to Finish?

The process can vary for every individual depending on how quickly you provide to us the required information. Once a facility is built out on properly zone land, the Health Canada application generally takes 4-6 months.

Medical FAQ

How Often Do I Have to Renew My ACMPR?

It is renewed on a yearly bases unless you require an amendment ie: Change of address or increase of dosage. Prepare to renew 8 weeks prior to the effective date to bypass any complications with Health Canada.

Do I have to Come in Person to Meet With a Doctor?

Not at all! Our appointments take place over either FaceTime (iPhone users) or Skype (Android users).

What Payment Options Are There?

Our current methods of payment are e-transfer or credit card.

Why Do I need a Medical License Even Though It's Now Legal?

Although each age of majority person is allowed to grow up to 4 marijuana plants without any kind of licensing, patients generally require more medicine than what 4 plants can provide.

Is Authorization The Same As ACMPR? +

No. They are two separate documents. We are able to provide you with your authorization from our doctor, which you will use to apply to Health Canada for your ACMPR license. We can assist you with filling out the 11 page ACMPR document once you have received your authorization in the mail to avoid any setbacks.

How Many ACMPRs are Allowed Per Property?

Currently, one person may grow for two separate authorizations ie: Yourself and someone else (you would be their designate grower) or you could be the designate for two other people, as long as they have both acquired their medical authorization. One address can obtain up to four separate ACMPR licenses.