Business Development

Using our expertise & service capabilities in the Cannabis industry, we can help you to keep on top of new industry trends and market developments. Regardless if you’re an existing organization or in the start-up phase, we offer comprehensive support to help your business navigate the ever-changing market that is Canada’s booming & brazen cannabis industry. Whether you’re looking to increase revenues in existing markets or enter new markets altogether, we are here to help by offering practical insight into specific market challenges.

•   Pitch Decks•  Logo Design & Branding • Website Design
• Graphic Assistance•  Packaging Design •  Document Layout 

Business Planning

An important part of obtaining your micro cultivation license is having a Health Canada approved business plan. 420 Consulting is able to work with you, with a third party, to construct a business plan to your specific requirements.We are also able to provide Investor Plans, should you require funding prior to submitting your application.

Brand Acquisition

Our team of expert consultants can help grow your brand with the goal of gaining wide scale recognition.

Our work with our regional standard processing partners allows us to put elite level brands in front of the very people that can either acquire the brand all together or at the very least assist in getting supply agreements that will provide right of first refusal pricing over a predetermined amount of time. 

Supply Agreements

As part of our micro-cultivation agreements, we offer a supply agreement with our regional standard processing partners. This takes the guesswork out of the equation - fair prices and a reputable buyer come to you. Our partners will offer equitable pricing for your crops, with a right of first refusal clause to assure peace of mind to you and competitive rates for your harvest.

Microplex Investment Opportunity:
Origin Industrial Park, Wheatland, AB.

Cannabis Friendly Business Park:
5000 square foot Units
From $625k w/o interior finishing
From 950k with Plug and Play Health Canada compliant layout
Financing options available
Take advantage of below appraised value pre-construction pricing
License consulting provided by 420 Consulting Ltd.

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